Move Management Counseling

Once a move has been assigned to a customer service representative, they will input all pertinent information in our in-house database and meet the transferee personally to answer all questions and advise of all required documentation to process the move, additionally they will counsel the transferee through every step of the process. We will also recommend the mode of shipment : air  or sea.

We at Orient have been trained by several industry leaders and management gurus on sensitive topics like last minute anxiety, premove work pressure , cultural shocks etc and as such we fully understand that the transferee is going through many changes both at work and at home. These changes can effect decisions directly overnight. When we initiate a move or a relocation job - we do expect last minute changes from the client since his life is directly under several multidirectional changes .

Orient Personnel know very well that their prime concern is client's comfort for which every possible adustment or step has to be taken .

Due to this client friendly approach Orient has been the preferred relo partner over the decades.


Try us once - You will not regret it !

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