Premove Survey at Your Residence

Whenever we receive a call for a quote submission , we always insist on a premove survey as it helps us in establishing the factors leading to a cost effective quote.


Premove Survey Initiation :

Survey order is received from the client/Employer/Contracted Agent , Client’s move allowances , survey date and times are noted

The Client is contacted within 24 hours in order to fix the  survey date .

The Client is reminded of the premove survey 24 hours before the survey date.


Premove Survey Day :


The Estimator equipped with our ISO approved Premove Survey Sheet, a measuring tape, calculator arrives at the client’s residence on time .


The client is greeted and our estimator introduces himself, gives his business card and our company brochure which clearly explains what Orient is and how we work  hard to deliver the best quality services and achieve complete client satisfaction ( a copy of this  year’s company brochure is attached in the publications section)

The Estimator confirms the following with the client :

The destination(s) of  his Air (UAB)  and Sea shipments.

If He/She has a split ,storage or consumable shipment as well

He/She is aware of the UAB and HHE allowances

If He/She has any special requirements

A List of prohibited items is given to the client and he is encouraged to contact us in case of any questions.

Depending on the layout of the residence and concentration of the goods , a plan of work is discussed with the client

The client is also requested to ensure that the goods are clean when we come to pack as there are many countries in the world which have severe fines and extensive physical check at customs if they find traces of soil or dust on any item in the shipment (example Australia and New Zealand).

The client is also requested to ensure that his travel documents, money and any other important item which he will need while traveling must be kept in a secure place ensuring he does not get these packed with the shipment (We have had instances where the clients mixed their travel documents with their office files and asked our packers to pack ‘all items in the office’ – as we note the location on the boxes ,we were able to pull out his passport next morning)

The client is also given some ‘do NOT pack’ stickers which they can use to identify the items which are not to be packed.


The survey starts and we carefully note the following :

Location i.e. Living Room, Dining Room etc

Items to be taken

Estimated weight in lbs

The whole house is toured

The client is asked if he has goods in his garage, in the garden , attic or elsewhere

If the client is expecting to buy any big item like a garden set

If the client has sent any furnitures for polishing or carpets for washing.

If the client has any bicycles which have gone for repairs.

A packing date is confirmed

We also ask the client if he/she needs some boxes (and packing materials) for sorting out the items or packing any personal items (They are requested to leave the boxes open so that we can check for fragile items and also make a proper inventory list ) Most countries’s customs and Insurance companies do not allow PBO ‘Packed By Owner’ boxes now.

The client is asked to shut down the refrigerator, detach the watching machine/dryer and let these dry out for at least 3 days before the move date. Carpets if washed must be dry at least 5 days before the move date, furnitures if polished must be dry at least a week before the move date .

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