Insurance FAQ's

Money Does Not Replace Sentiments - But Insurance Claim Payments Do Give A Chance of Buying new/Replacing old items.


It is always wise to insure the goods for their replacement value in the country you are relocating to .


FAQs on insurance protection

In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding the insurance policy orient issues:


Why purchase transit protection?

What will this policy cover?

How do I arrange this cover?

How do I determine the amount of coverage I will need?

What if my goods are stored at the origin or the destination?


1. Why purchase transit protection?

Orient staff are careful and professional in the approach to minimizing the risk of loss and damage to your shipment. However it is important to recognize that there are still risks during transit beyond our (or sometimes anybody's) control. This is why we recommend that you insure your shipment properly with the "all risk transit insurance policy".


2. What will the policy cover?

This policy covers "all risks" coverage from door to door. This will cover:
- Partial loss or damage to a shipment
- Total loss of the shipment
- Damage due to riots, war at sea, terrorism
- Breakage due to mishandling at any point till deliver
- Fire
- Water
This policy is valid for 45 days for an air shipment and 90 days for an ocean shipment from the day of dispatch from Nepal. ... This time can be extended if needed by the client at a very nominal extention fees.


3. How do I arrange this coverage?

You simply have to provide us a valued inventory list and the insurance policy will be issued within a few hours.


4. How do I determine the amount of coverage I will need?

There is no perfect formula to determine the exact value of the shipment to be insured, but there are a few guidelines which ensure proper coverage amount:

Provide a full and detailed inventory of all your household goods and value them at the amount it would cost to replace them (for example a dinner set bought in 1990 for say USD 100 may cost USD 200 or USD 60 today).
Pls. note that anything not declared on this list is not covered by the policy.


5. What if my goods are stored at origin or destination?

Our Kathmandu warehouse is fully insured and all the shipments stored in it are insured for a basic amount of USD 10,000/- in case your shipment is of greater value , it is advised that a separate cover is purchased for the storage time also.

Destination storage should be mentioned in the transit policy or mentioned before arrival of the shipment at destination so that the Insurance can be extended upon payment of an extra fee

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